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Product's Application

Binding machine: Widely used in the binding work of banks, securities, insurance, telecommunications, and financial documents, bills, accounts, statements, archives, journals, documents, drawings, test papers, books and papers of schools, institutions, enterprises and institutions.
Paper cutter: Widely used in office or finance and photo studios and digital printing shops.

Laminating machine: Widely used, documents, photos, documents, drawings, cards, labels, menus, coloring pages, posters, signs, etc., and even electronic product wiring can come in handy.

Key box: It is a box specially used for storing keys. It is used in shops, homes, companies, factories, hotels, restaurants, restaurants, schools, hospitals, clubs, etc.
(1) Rivet binding machine: With the development of science and technology, after many years of technological upgrading and structural optimization, the binding machine has developed many types of binding machines, one of which is a financial paper binding machine widely used in enterprises and institutions. Tube riveting machine, its advantages are one-button operation, saving time and effort, stable binding, and environmental protection

There are six types of Yunguang riveting tube binding machines, which are divided into manual, semi-automatic and full-automatic. Each has its own advantages. It is widely applicable to the binding of books, documents and files in banks, securities, industry and commerce, taxation, and various enterprises and institutions. Unique and beautiful appearance, easy operation, time and labor saving, stable performance.

Touch screen automatic binding machine,Semi-automatic riveting tube binding machine.Automatic electric riveting tube binding machine

(2) Binding machine with thread: With the development of science and technology, a variety of new types of binding machines are facing the market. Binding machine with thread is still the most common type of binding machine on the market, although the use process is relatively The type will be more tedious, but the advantage is that it is easy to disassemble, the price is affordable, the thickness of the binding can be large, and the post-consumables are low. Widely used in finance, archives, files.

There are a total of eight types of Yunguang belt binding machines, which are divided into manual and electric. The manual binding machines are affordable and have both binding and punching functions. They are easy to disassemble after binding, and the maximum thickness is about 3cm. The electric binding machine is a bit more expensive than the manual binding machine, but it is cheaper than the riveting machine. The maximum binding thickness is 8cm, which is cost-effective and easy to operate.

Electric binding machine,Manual binding machine

(3) Thick-layer paper cutter: It is called a manual paper cutter from the driving mode and a desktop paper cutter from the placement position. This paper cutter is mainly suitable for cutting paper neatly before binding a small number of documents. This paper cutter is widely used in office or finance as well as photo studios and digital printing shops.

Yunguang thick-layer paper cutter adopts rocker-type and swing-type paper-pressing device respectively. The cutter is made of high-quality wear-resistant steel and the cutter head is formed at one time. It can cut about 400mm paper at one time.

Rocking-turn pressing paper cutter,Pole-press-paper paper cutter

(4) Laminator: Laminator is a special equipment for plastic sealing photos or documents.

The Yunguang laminator is a new type of laminator that breaks the shortcomings of the old market, the complex appearance and complicated structure of the old laminator, re-integrated the design, and adopts a unique and novel appearance. The middle of the machine is the laminating work area.

The left and right control covers are evenly distributed and the atmosphere is stable. The control area is clearly marked and easy to operate. The internal structure is greatly optimized, the number of parts is reduced by 40%, the surface of the machine can be removed in three steps, and the pressure of the rubber roller can be adjusted at any time by a screwdriver. The plastic molding is smooth and efficient, and the maintenance is simple and safe.

(5) Key box: It is made of cold-rolled steel plate, so that companies, companies, hotels and other places can manage keys efficiently.

The key box of Yunguang is made of high-quality steel plate, and the built-in hanging strip is movable, which is convenient for different forms of management. It is more convenient and practical. ,high strength.

240 tage key box , 20 tage key box