Shanghai World Expo Stationery Exhibition

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Zhejiang factory and Shanghai factory will participate in the stationery exhibition of Shanghai world expo on August 14, 2019, and fully launch three new over-plastic machines and two paper cutting knives. The over-plastic machine is an innovative transformation and ingenuity of zhejiang factory in 2019. According to the previous mainstream of the market over the plastic machine re-integration design, a new patent appearance, surface no visible screws fixed, chassis shaping, in line with the modern office aesthetic needs. The two paper cutting knives are the new works of Shanghai factory in 2019. The innovative technology arc paper cutting knife, precise cutting, ultra-high hardness knife body, sharp and durable, integrated molding chassis, beautiful and simple.


This new product has won the trust and support of old customers and the favor of new customers, laying a foundation for the development of yunguang.

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