Servic Center

It is the eternal theme of our company to seek for the development of enterprises to continuously develop and develop new and practical high-quality products that meet the market demand and strive to provide customers with satisfactory pre-sale,in sale and after-sale services.

Pre-sale, sale, after-sales service introduction
Constantly developing and researching new and practical high-quality products that meet market needs; striving to provide customers with pre-sale, middle-sale and after-sale services is the eternal theme of our company's development.

Pre-sales service
a. One-on-one to provide customers with basic product information consulting services.
b. Provide customers with product pictures, functions, basic product details and other information.
c. Invite customers to our company to inspect product design, product manufacturing process, product prototype, etc.
d. Meet customer's customized requirements for products and packaging

Sale service
a. During the product manufacturing process, photos and video materials during product production can be provided to customers.
b. According to the urgency of the customer's order, the customer can complete the production of the product in advance.

After sales service
a. Provide free use and installation instructions for the products sold through video or telephone.
b. Products sold with quality problems can be returned to the factory for free repair.
c. Mail the fragile and consumable product accessories for customers, and also provide the contact information of local distributors for customers to communicate product issues.